Judge Townsend is endorsed by More Judges, More Elected Officials, and  More Labor Organizations than Any Other Candidate in this Race.  We have a growing, bi-partisan list of more than 850 public supporters. 

Marilyn will make an outstanding Dane County Judge. She is a first-rate attorney who has won important cases. As a municipal judge, Marilyn has demonstrated a commitment to fairness and equal justice…Marilyn’s values, along with her combination of judicial and legal experience make her the best candidate for Dane County Circuit Court.
— Russ Feingold
marilyn townsend russ feingold wisconsin court

Current and Former Judges

Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg

Judge Gary Sherman

Judge Charles P. Dykman (retired)

Judge Paul Higginbotham (retired)

Judge Daniel Larocque (retired)

Judge John Damon (retired)

Judge Edward Marion (retired)

Judge John Hyland

Judge JD Watts

Municipal Judge Patrick T. Berigan

Municipal Judge Michael P. Cotter

Municipal Judge Beth Cox

Municipal Judge Daniel T. Cveykus

Municipal Judge Donal M. Demet

Municipal Judge Dean M. Dietrich

Municipal Judge John Dobogai

Municipal Judge Joseph J. Dorlack

Municipal Judge James B. Duquette

Municipal Judge Michael M. Easton

Municipal Judge Patrick R. Eich

Municipal Judge Hamdy Ezalarab

Municipal Judge Richard Alan Ginkowski

Municipal Judge Michael C. Hausman

Municipal Judge Peter C. Hemmer

Municipal Judge Leonard Kachinsky

Municipal Judge Eric Kasper

Municipal Judge Tim Kay

Municipal Judge Daniel M. Key

Municipal Judge Peter B. King

Municipal Judge Charles W. Klasen

Municipal Judge Fredrick F. Klimetz

Municipal Judge Douglas Klingberg

Municipal Judge John W. Knuteson

Municipal Judge Dan Koval

Municipal Judge John Kruse

Municipal Judge Robert C. Kupfer

Municipal Judge Andrew S. Lawton

Municipal Judge Dennis Marcou

Municipal Judge Brad Matthiesen

Municipal Judge Michael J. McKenna

Municipal Judge Derek Mosley

Municipal Judge Paul Murphy

Municipal Judge Virginia Newcomb

Municipal Judge Randi Othrow

Municipal Judge James D. Peebles

Municipal Judge Mark P. Powers

Municipal Judge Matthew Roethe

Municipal Judge Mark Sauer

Municipal Judge David W. Schiltz

Municipal Judge Susan H. Schleisner

Municipal Judge Dennis J. Sieg

Municipal Judge Dan Smart

Municipal Judge Douglas R. Stern

Municipal Judge Ed Thompson

Municipal Judge Natasha L. Torry

Municipal Judge Denis Vogel

Municipal Judge Scott A. Wales

Municipal Judge Sandra J. Zenor

Former Municipal Court Judge Andrew Somers

Former Municipal Court Judge Sandra Tarver

Former Municipal Court Judge Ron Ziwisky


Judge Marilyn Townsend to Dane County Court
I’ve worked with Marilyn in municipal courts and she has established herself as one of Dane County’s outstanding municipal judges. She’ll bring the same even temperament, knowledge of the law, and impartiality to the Dane County Bench. She also understands the challenges our courts face in terms of racial disparity and access to justice. She will be an active, collaborative part of finding solutions.
— Dane County Judge John Hyland

Current and Former Public Officials & Labor Organizations

Former United States Senator Russ Feingold

Former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager

Former Governor Tony Earl

Former Governor Martin Schreiber

Former Lt. Governor Barb Lawton

Secretary of State Doug LaFollette

Ambassador Thomas Loftus

Senator Fred Risser

Representative Terese Berceau

Representative Evan Goyke

Representative Dianne Hesselbein

Representative Sondy Pope

Former Representative David Clarenbach

Former Representative Kelda Helen Roys

Former Representative Dave Travis

Dane County Treasurer Adam Gallagher

Dane County Board Chair Sharon Corrigan

Dane County Supervisor Carousel Bayrd

Dane County Supervisor Nikki Jones

Dane County Supervisor Richard Kilmer

Dane County Supervisor Mary Kolar

Dane County Supervisor Maureen McCarville

Dane County Supervisor Michele Ritt

Dane County Supervisor Paul Rusk

Dane County Supervisor Bob Salov

Dane County Supervisor Andrew Schauer

Dane County Supervisor Shelia Stubbs

Dane County Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner

Former Dane County Supervisor Mark Opitz

Former Dane County Supervisor Kyle Richmond

Former Dane County Supervisor John Scepanski

Middleton Mayor Gurdip Brar

Former Fitchburg Mayor Frances Huntley-Cooper

Madison City Council President Marsha Rummel

Madison Alder David Ahrens

Madison Alder Samba Baldeh

Madison Alder Sheri Carter

Madison Alder Denise DeMarb

Madison Alder Rebecca Kemble

Madison Alder Michael Verveer

Former Madison Alder Steven Holtzman

Former Madison Alder Tim Gruber


Former Madison Alder Jean MacCubbin

Former Madison Alder Bert Zipperer

Madison School Board Member James Howard

Madison School Board Member Dean Loumos

Former Madison School Board Member Arlene Silveira

Fitchburg Alder Julia Arata Fratta

Monona School Board Member Susan Fox

Stoughton City Council Member Michael Engelberger

Stoughton City Council Member Lisa Reeves

Sun Prairie Alder Al Guyant

Sun Prairie Alder Steve Stocker

Verona Alder Sarah Gaskell

Village of Belleville Trustee Maxine Ward

Village of Blue Mounds President Audra Anderson

Village of Blue Mounds Trustee Jim Frame

Village of Blue Mounds Trustee Gary Friske

Village of Cambridge President Steve Struss

Village of Cambridge Trustee Ted Kumbier

Village of Cottage Grove Trustee Larry Schoenemann

Village of Dane Trustee Donald Lord

Village of Deerfield President Greg Frutiger

Village of DeForest President Judd Blau

Village of DeForest Trustee Chip Van Meter

Village of Maple Bluff Trustee Kristine Jaeger

Village of Shorewood Hills Police Chief Aaron Chapin

Village of Shorewood Hills  President David Benforado

Village of Shorewood Hills Board Member John Imes

Village of Shorewood Hills Board Member Felice Borisy-Rudin

Village of Shorewood Hills Trustee Anne Readel

Village of Windsor Trustee Donald Madelung

Town of Dunn Chairperson Ed Minihan

Town of Medina Supervisor John Hellenbrand

Town of Vienna Supervisor Karen Ingalls

Labor  & Organizations


Teamsters Local 695

Madison Teachers, Inc.

South Central Federation of Labor AFL-CIO

United Steel Workers District 2

IATSE Local 251, Madison Stagehands

IBEW Local 159

IBEW Local 965

IBEW Local 2304

SEIU State Council

SMART Local 565

SMART-Transportation Division

Teaching Assistant's Association (TAA) AFT Local 3220

Our Wisconsin Revolution - Dane County

Marilyn has the qualities a judge should have. She has exceptional legal skills. She is a municipal judge, who has shown herself to be fair and impartial in overseeing and hearing over 3,000 cases. She has the intellect, the independence, the experience, and the temperament to handle the significant responsibilities of serving all the people of Dane County.
— Nia Enemuoh-Trammell
Nia Enemuoh-Trammell endorses marilyn townsend to dane county court wisconsin


Betsy Abramson

Jair Alvarez

Peter Andrews

Jon Axelrod

Janice Baldwin

Mary Batt

Eric Barber

Dan Barker

Mike Bauer

Mary Kay Baum

Bruce Beck

Richard Bilder

Marianne Bloch

Bonnie Block

Richard Bolton

Adrienne Borisy-Gross

Mark Borns

Thomas Boykoff

Rachel Bradley

Mike Briggs

Lucy Brown

John Burczyk

Mary E. Burke

Ralph Cagle

Iris Christiansen

Ray Clausen

Michael Covey

Grant Crandall

Charles Curtis

Kristin Degeneffe

Carrie L. Devitt

Mike Diaz

Jack W. Ebbott

Bruce Ehlke

Nathan Eisenberg

Ben Elson

Nia Enemuoh-Trammell

Edith Ersland

Andrea Farrell

Victor Forberger

Peter Fox

Mike Fox

Barbara Franks

Dan Gartzke

Eunice Gibson

Charles Giesen

Jessica Giesen

Saul Glazer

Mike Godbe

Bruce Green

Dianne Greenley

Tom Haley

Aaron Halstead



Patricia Hammel

Peter Hans

Ivan Hannibal

Terese M. Hansen

Scott Hassett

Willie Haus

Sally Hestad

Cora Higginbotham

Cynthia Hirsch

Charles Hoornstra

Jeff Hynes

Mark Todd Johnson

Robert Kasieta

Mary Kennelly

Mary Beth Keppel

Michael Kernats

Sarah Kissel

Joe Klein

Lorna Kniaz

Kurt Kobelt

Teresa Kobelt

Whitney Kohler

Jeff Kravat

Christopher Krimmer

Lawrence J. Landwehr

Donald Lang

Jeanine Larson

Barry Levenson

Steve Levine

Lynn Lodahl

Glorily Lopez

Amber Lucsay

Stewart Macaulay

Caitlin Madden

Valerie Mannis

Marsha Mansfield

Rebecca Markert

David McDorman

Elizabeth McInerny

Kathleen Garvey McNeil

Joseph Meara

Bruce Meredith

George Meyer


Amy Moran

Jenna Morrison

Daniel O'Brien

Jeff Scott Olson

Kevin Palmersheim




Susan Parsons

William E. Parsons

Mary Peterson

Timothy Peyton

Megan Phillips

Molly Plunkett

Steve Porter

Kevyn Cathreen Radcliffe

David Relles

Richard Rice

Ashley Richter

Mike Riley

Patrick Riley

Timothy S. Riley

Linda Roberson

Theresa L. Roetter

Laura Rose

Mike Rynes

William Sample

Bill Scanlon

Amy Scarr

Fredrick Schick

Joan Schwarz

Eric Schulenburg

Vicki Selkowe

Elizabeth Severson

Sarah Siskind

Gail Snowden

David Sparer

Timm Speerschneider

Jeff Spitzer Resnick

Betsy Stampe

Barry Stern

Sally Stix

Gard Strother

Erica Sweitzer-Beckman

Paul Temple

Bill Thomas

Richard Thal

Arthur Thexton

Chris Van Wagner

Wesley Webendorfer

Sam Wegleitner

June Weisberger

William White

Joel Winnig

Kim Wright

Robert G. Wixson

James Youngerman

Helene Zinberg

Robert Zitowsky

square-high resolution Kloppenburg head shot.jpg
Marilyn’s ability to handle complex legal cases, her deep involvement in the community, and her dedication to improving our legal system to ensure fairness and equal access to our courts will make her a fine Circuit Court Judge.
— Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg

Community Leaders

Sadat Abiri

Kathy Acher

Ken Adams

Pam Adams

Hildegard Adler

John Aeschlimann

Patty Allen

Beth Allenan

Nino Amato

Liz Amundson

Milele Chikasa Anana

Peter Anderson

Terri Anderson

Patricia Arnold

Russell Attoe

Pedar Bach

Laurene Bach

Mike Bachhuber

Paul Bachhuber

Stacy Bachhuber

Dr. Esther J. Bach-Y-Rita

Marolyn Bahr

Megan Ballard

Carol Barford

Mike Basford

Kathleen Batha

William Becker

Gloria Beach

Mary Bell

Carolyn Benforado

Julie Benkoske

Gaylene Bennett

Russ Bennett

Barbara Benson

Dorit Bergen

Ron Berger

Ruthy Berger

Marla Bergh

Aaron Bibb

Ron Biendseil

Sally Bilder

Jeanne Jackson Bissell

Jen Bizzotto

Gabrielle Blood

Diane Blythe

Kathleen Bobholz-Rewey

Claire Box

Dr. Debra Boushea

Doug Bradley

Santhia Palit Brandt

Tom Brantmeier

Debra Brickson

Joanne Brown

Toni Brown

Amy Buencamino

Cenon Buencamino

Steve Burns

David Callan

Irmgard Carpenter

Erica Case

Katie Castern

Savion Castro

Deri Cattelino

Tony Cattelino

Jim Cavanaugh

Sherry Caves

Roger Chapman

Yogesh Chawla

Betty Chewning

Dr. Dennis Christensen

Sandra Christiansen

Christina Clancy

Kristin Clausen

William Clifton

Bill Clingan

Samson Condon

Wolfgang Connell

Ernst Conrath

Kay Coombs

Alphonso Cooper

Elizabeth Cooper

Jane Cooper

Scott Cooper

Bob Corbett

Dan Cornwell

Pat Cornwall

Paul Correll

Mike Corry

Martha Cranley

Kate Cronin

Patricia Crowe

Britt Cudaback

Andy Curtis

Beth Cutler

Mary Czynszak-Lyne

Rhonda Danielson

Buzz Davis

Holly Davis

Ada Deer

Judith DeJohnette Franks

Denise DeMarb

Donal Demet

Diane De Monaco Dowd

Tori Dexter

Candice Diaz

Tammy Downing

Sandra Drew

Cheri Dubiel

Harvey Dym

Karen Edson

Janine C. Edwards

Norma Edwards

Dawn Egan

Willie Eichelberger

Julie Eichhorn

Susan E. Eichhorn

Sue Eisenhauer

Joann Elder

Joseph Elder

Tom Elert

Gary Elmore

Patty Elson

Frank Emspak

Dolores Emspak

Mike Engelhagen

Dr. Maria Fabbrocini

Elaine Fallon

John Fallon

cara Coburn Faris

Linda Faris

Alan Farnsworth

Andrew Feist

Billy Feitlinger

Carolyn Ferriano

Bill Fetty

Melissa Field

Dr. Michael Field

Pat Filas-Mortensen

Clyde Filas-Mortensen

Deborah S. Firkins

Cliff Fisher

Julie Fitzpatrick

Bill Foote

Ariel Y. Ford

C Forsmo

Boris Frank

Laurie Frank

Terry Kiss Frank

William Franks, Jr.

Sunny Frantz

Terry Fritter

Michael Fumelle

Kathleen Garlock

Joshua Garoon

Betty Garvey

Ron Gatti

Annie Laurie Gaylor

John Giegel

Katie Giegel

Graydon Giesfeldt

Julia Gilden

Mary Gill

Richard Gilson

Alan Ginsburg

Mike Gingrich

Laurence Gold

Sara Goldenberg

Mary Louise Gomez

Michael S Goodman

Laura Gottlieb

Greg Gotzion


Richard Gourse

Perry Govier

Gary Goyke

Carl Grant

Karen Rose Gredler

Lance Green

Caroline Greenwald

Jessica Gretti

Dee Grimsrud

Gary Gruetzmacher

Kathleen Gruber

Sherrie Gruder

Jim Gundersen

Victoria Gutierrez

Jayson Hackett

Susan Hagstrom

Anna Hahm

Gil Halsted

Elise Ham

Jean Hammen

Gary Hammen

Dan Hanson

Scott Hanson

Paulette Harder

Kirsten Harrison

Francine Hartman

Kenneth Haydock

Jenny Hayes

Nicole M. Heiman

Sandy Henderson

Fannie Hicklin

Nona Hill

Susan Hobart

Ann G. Hodges

Laura Hoepker

Nicole Hoffmann

Doug Holmes

Kathleen Hoppe

Judy Howard

Jay Huemmer

Dr. Elizabeth Jacobs

Bruce Jamison

Sarah Jamison

Jerry Jansen

Anna January

Allen Jeannette

Carol Jensen

Jane Jensen

Laurence Jensen

Alice Jenson

Charlotte Jerney

Ellen Jessen

Craig Johnson

Silas Johnson

Peter E Johnson

Marge Johnson

Jessica Jones

Michael Jones

Richard P. Jones

Sunshine Jones

Kathy Kana

Barbara Kashian-Snow

Marcia Kasieta

Jill Keller

Joann Kelly

Mary Kelly

Joan Kemble

Doris Kennedy

Janet Kennedy

Linda Kessel

Bill Keys

Linda Keys

Sarah Kaiksow

Connie Kilmark

Robert Kinney

Sandy Lee Kisting

Nancy Klatt

Robert Klebba

Judy Klehr

Pam Klein

Lorna Kniaz

Jason Knoll

Brianna Koerth

Katie Kohl

Susann Kol

Stan Komendowski

Dan Kortte

Thomas Kozlovsky

Elizabeth Kramer

M.L. Krase

Doug Kratsch

Bill Kraus

Jeff Kravat

Jim Kreft

Frederick Kron

Karen Kron

Sue Krug

Merriel Kruse

Susan Kuczynski

Andrew Kuemmel

Edward Kuharski

Daphne Kuo

Burton Kushner

Dale Kushner

Diane Lakes

Kate LaRocque

Eileen Landwehr

Kim Langley

Brian Larson

Jeanine Larson

Ed Laube

Roger Laurich

Elizabeth Lawerence

Christine Lazar

Kathryn Lederhause

Barbara Lee

Lindsey Lee

Amanda Leipold

Scott Lein

Karen Lederer

Lindsey Lemmer

Mike Lipp

Dr. Meg Little

Tina Lloren

Dick Loeper

John Logan

May Lor

Maxwell Love

Lawrence Lowden

Gretchen Lowe

Bruce Luecke

William Lunney

Joe Lusson

Lesleigh Luttrell

Amber Mack

Cara Lee Mahany-Braithwait

Justine Malinski

Ann Malone

Dennis Mandt

Laurel Mark

Cora Marrett

Marie Martini

Crystal Martzall

Duane Marxen

Peggy Marxen

Rick McCormick

Lynn McDonald

Maureen McDonnell

Christine McDonough

Jerry McDonough

Kathleen McElroy

Margaret McEntire

Hildy McGown

Nancy McMahon

Debbie McNulty

Steve Meiers

Valerie Mellerop

Mary Metz

Scott Michalak

Shelle Michalak

Alan Michels

Susan Michetti

Constance L. Mickelson

Ronald Mickelson

Susan Milch

Jacob Miller

John Mioduszewski

Carlos Miranda

Peter Mitchell

Sue Moberly

Jim Moore

Pat Moore

Jennifer Morgan

Joy Morgen

Jane Ann Morris

Mary Morton

Ali Muldrow

Augusto Munoz

Cheryl Murray

Simona Musat

David Nance

R D Nashold

Ed Nauman

Kathy Nauman

Greg Neil

David Newby



John C. Newman

Kathleen Nichols

Richard Norman

Russell Novkov

Mitchell Nussbaum

Chris Nyland

Eugenia Ogden

Tom O'Grady

Jan O'Neill

Michael Olneck

Amy Oselio

Charlie Palit

Dawn Palit

Leland Pan

David Parker

Roe Parker

Jason Pasch

Susan Pastor

Jacquelyn Patricia

Sam Patricia

Brad Paul

Sadie Pearson

Gertrude Peerenboom

Audra Peiz

Bob Pellegrino

Mike Persley

Barb Peters

Steven Peters

Amanda Peterson

Jane E. Peterson

Leslie Peterson

Dave Petrashek

Judie Pfeifer

Marveen Phelps

Russell Phelps

Loita Phillips

Judy Pierotti

Dennis Pine

Rollin Pizzala

David Poklinkoski

John H. Pope Jr.

Char Pribyl

Jesse Pycha-Holst

Mike Quieto

Joan Raducha

Neil Rainford

Max Rahder

Greta Rasmussen DeCoster

Bishop Harold Rayford

Karen Rebholz

Glenn E. Reinl

Mary Lou Reisch

Ed Reisch

Amanda Reese

Kathleen Remington

Chuck Remus

Anne Riceman

Jim Richards

Brad Ricker

Carol Ricker

Harry Richardson

Chaous Riddle

Richard Ries

Elizabeth Ringle

Karin Ringler

Andy Ringquist

Martina Rippon

Marcia Riquelme

Mary Ritchay

Connie Robb

Susan Roberts

Jim Rodman

Steve Rose

Virginia Rose

Wilma Ross

Lloyd Rowley

Carol Rubin

Nathan Rudin

Marilyn Ruffin

Jeana Ruland

Jeanette Rutschow

Patrick Ryan

Alexia Sabor

Nancy Saiz

Pat Sammataro

Faye P. Samson

Harland E. Samson

Dr. Frank J. Sasse

Janice Schenk

Frieda Schowalter

Charity Schmidt

Glenn Schmidt

Maynard Schneider

Sydney Schrider

Julie Schwellenbach

Deloris Seawright

Carey Segall

Alan Shands

Miriam Share

Arthur Shegonee

Roseann Sheridan

Ben Sherman

Daryl K. Sherman

Larry Sherman

Thomas Shaul

Gail Shea

Judy Sidran

Michael Simons

Kathryn Singh

Meg Skinner

Cody Smalley

Barbara Smith

Robert Smith

Suzanne Smith

Bill Spira

Harriet Spira

Richard Springer

Roger Springman

Karen Springman

Mary (Sue) Stark

Steve Starkey

Georgene Stratman

Keith Steffen

Charlotte Stein

Jerry Stein

JoAnn Stein

Curt Steinclorf

Mary Steinclorf

Luke Sticht

Andrea Straus

Al Sulzer

Dorrie Sundquist

Mark Sundquist

Tracy Suprise

Barbara Susman

Millard Susman

John Sylvester

William Theriac

Mark Thomas

Cassandra Thompson

Mark Thompson

Roger Thompson

Connie Threinen

Nate Timm

Karen Townsend

Catherine Treece

Isabel Treichel

Paul Treichel

Linda Tuchman-Ginsburg

Randy Udell

Charles Uphoff

Jackie Utter

Clair Utter

Rocky Van Asten

Lisa Van Busieire

Hannah Van Ert

Sandra Vandervest

David Vanness

Luis Varela

Jeanie Verschay

DK Vetter

Leigh Vierstra

Nancy Volk

Donna Vukelich

Judy Wagener

Walter Wagener

Grace Wahba

Donna Wallbaum

Laura Ward

Brad Warren

Sally Washburn

Carol Weidel

Christine Welcher

Sandy Welander

Dean Welch

Christine Welcher

Lori Wessel

Jack Westman

Jeanette Wheat

Jessica Wheeler

Ryan Wherley

Mark-Anthony Whitaker

David Whitter

John Wiley

Maggie Wolfe

Barbara Worcester

Jim Wrich

Sam Yackel

Abby Yackel

John Yaggi

David Yankovich

Gary Young

Nan Youngerman

David Zehren

Michael Zenz

...And Many More!

Over the decades I’ve worked alongside Marilyn, she has always been a leader in efforts to advance equality and achieve justice. She has a strong sense of fairness, a tireless work ethic, and a deep commitment to making the world a better, more just, place. She will be a conscientious, and impartial County judge.
— David Clarenbach, LGBT Pioneer and Former State Representative
david clarenbach wisconsin LGBT pioneer marilyn townsend supporter