marilyn townsend for dane county judge

A Note From Marilyn Townsend

My commitment to being a fair and impartial judge, dedicated to equal justice under the law is evident every time I preside as the Municipal Judge in Shorewood Hills.

As Municipal Judge, I have overseen or decided more than 3,000 cases.  I am mindful that my decisions affect the lives of individuals and also affect our broader community. Over the course of my 35 years as an attorney, I have appeared at all levels of Wisconsin Courts, including the Supreme Court, and I’ve seen what a positive difference good judges make to our court system.

My pledge to you as a Circuit Court judge, is that I will be prepared for every case, respectful to all who appear before me, collaborative in efforts to improve our court system, and that I will be a thoughtful and fair decision maker.

I ask for your vote for Circuit Court. It would be an honor to serve all of the people of Dane County.

Marilyn Townsend to Dane County Circuit Court